In today's competitive marketplace, maximum productivity is the key to a company's success. Increased productivity can't simply come from working more hours, however. Rather, it is the result of allocating a company's resources wisely, and avoiding areas of waste — like costly and disruptive litigation. 

Not all litigation can be avoided despite a company's best efforts. Much employment-related litigation, however, is simply the result of managers not being properly trained in compliance issues and not understanding the importance of effective employee counseling. 

Increased productivity also results from the reduced turnover and its accompanying costs that follow when employees are satisfied with their jobs. Satisfied employees also tend to produce better work product, which results in more satisfied customers. 

Finally, when litigation occurs despite a company's best efforts to be proactive in providing a fair and respectful workplace, the fact that training was done is often a company's best defense. 

Affordable training can be customized to your work place and provided in a manner that suits your company's scheduling needs - and arrangements can be made for video taping presentations for future use. 

Subjects include: 
  • Discrimination and harassment avoidance 
  • Effective Employee Counseling 
  • Navigating the Family Medical Leave Act 
  • Compliance with various employment laws, such as the Americans With Disabilities Act, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, state wage and payment laws, the Fair Labor Standards Act